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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teal Tuesday inspired by Alyssa Botello

Today is Teal Tuesday and this week we are doing a mani swap.  I pulled a very talented blogger named Alyssa Botello.  You can visit her blog Fancy Phalanges here, which is exactly what I did when I drew her name.  WOW!  So many beautiful manicures, which one should I attempt?
Then I found it, This post which featured textured nails done with of all things SALT!  Here is her lovely manicure:

and here is my inspired by:
Of course my version was done in a teal color by Nichole by OPI Respect the World.
Thank you Missy for arranging this fun swap and to Alyssa for such fun inspiration.  I will always remember you as I pick the salt crystals out of my laptop!  I also have to be really careful not to rub my eyes!  It looks really cool and unique though!  What do you think?

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