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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Billionaire On A Budget

Wow, it's only Thursday and here I am again! My last manicure wore rather quickly. Not sure if it was the polish or maybe the top coat caused shrinkage, but I couldn't stand having tip wear soooooooo...
Here is Deborah Lippmann Billionaire.  I needed 4 coats to get full coverage.  This is with NO topcoat, very pretty.  But...............I just couldn't leave it alone :)
I added some The Hungry Asian On A Budget to the tips.  Somehow it seemed appropriate :)  I am really pleased with how this came out.  I just hope this lasts longer than the last!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Teal Tuesday Three Colored Nails

I'm still not too sure about this blogging thing,  THEN I do my nails and they look like this and I want to share them with someone!  As you girls are the only ones who appreciate my artwork, here I am again!  I call you girls as most of you are at least half my age.  I hope no one is offended, I mean it only in the best way :) 


I started with a base of two coats of Butter London All Hail The Queen.  I could probably wear this color for the rest of my life and be happy.  It is just so ME.  Neutral and yet Crazy Shiny in the Sun!
I then sponged  China Glaze Exotic Encounters on the tips and stamped with a zebra pattern in Wet N Wild Wild Shine Creme Black.

I am really happy with these nails :)
I hope you enjoy them as much as I am.  I think maybe my skills are improving OR I just got lucky!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sweet Teal Cupcakes

Hello Lovely Ladies!  Sorry I haven't been blogging, but was happy to see I have 7 followers now!  I know that doesn't sound like much, but everyone starts somewhere!  I haven't stopped painting my nails, just blogging.  I can't seem to get in the daily routine of it.  I think it's all the picture editing more than anything.  I love painting my nails, I like writing the blog, but the whole picture process just isn't enjoyable for me :(  I'll keep trying though :)

Today I have some really "sweet" nails for you!  It's "Something Sweet" day on the teal tuesday's group and I decided to take that literally:

I know, my cherries are a little big.  I corrected that on my right hand, but alas, too late for the left.
All,in all, I am very happy with how these turned out.
Colors used are:  China Glaze Exotic Encounters and For Audrey, Wet n Wild Wild Shine French White Creme and Frosted Fuchia, topped off with a coat of Ulta Love Fern for the beautiful teal glitter.
I hope you all enjoy my "sweet" teal nails!