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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pond Scum Nails

This is my first blog post EVER.  Please excuse my newbiness, is that a word? haha  Anyway here goes the nail artThat's really little!
The original nail art can be found at Criminal Nails, she called them swimming pool nails and her version is quite beautiful.  OK now for mine.  I think I'll call mine Pond Scum nails :)

Just in case you want to duplicate my effort, I started with two coats of China glaze For Audrey.  Using the Saran Manicure method, I added a top coat of Nicole by OPI Respect the World and daubed it with saran balls.  I definitely need some more practice!  I then added two coats of Essie no chips ahead, smoothed it out some.  Maybe I should forget this blogging stuff and just continue to practice and lurk.  I guess everyone starts somewhere!


  1. Very nice :) I definitely need to try this technique now that I've realised saran wrap is cling film lol.

    1. By the way, I can't see a button to follow your blog? You might want to add the followers gadget :)

    2. Thank you Sam! Guess I never really thought about followers? But what would the point of a blog be if no one ever read it. Wish my Mom was still alive, she would get a kick out of this!