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Challenge Badge

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Challenge challenged

Haven't really felt like posting any of my recent manis.  Seems like I'm just not getting the hang of this.  Ever since I started blogging I can't seem to get my manicures right!  I guess I am just challenge challenged.  That's hard to say!  I'll be honest and post a few here.

First up we have the Stamping Group "Adventures in Stamping" which I joined last week.  They vote on a theme for a Sunday manicure featuring stamp art.  Here is my first effort:

Looks pretty good right?  The theme was Can't Wait for Fall!  Somehow I thought it was a Summer manicure PLUS this was a neon orange color and I just didn't catch it in this photo. :(

Next up is the actual Fall theme.  I looked through all my stamps and all I could come up with was this little squirrel.

I know, I know, it's really hard to see him!  Plus the lousy picture just didn't pick up how pretty my base color was.  It had lovely fall colored shimmer.

On to my Tuesday Teal Challenge which this week was a Jelly Sandwich: 

The glitter polish I selected just would come out of the bottle and play!  I finally just glopped some on and waited a long time for it to day and when I added another coat of my base color it just didn't seem to look as pretty as jelly sandwiches I've done in the past Sooooooo.....

I added another coat of the base color:

now you can't see too much of the glitter!  OK.  I give up for tonight.  I really need a successful manicure soon, I'm getting terribly discouraged :(

Keep inspiring me with all your lovely manicures!

Love to my ONE follower!



  1. Don't get discouraged! The orange mani is very cute and cheerful! I love that squirrel stamp, too cute! And the base color for that mani is gorgeous! And your jelly is lovely! I kind of like it when the glitter is a bit hidden in a sandwich! :)

    I've been having a run of junky manis but I still post because if I didn't I think I would just give up. But I try to keep at it so that I stay in the groove and eventually I hope to get my groove back! hahah! :)

  2. Your jelly sandwich is awesome and I would totally wear it! I like them all but the jelly is my favorite! Your doing a great job, we all start somewhere and only move on up! :) thanks for visiting my blog